Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lost Contact in my eye..OW!

You might be wondering how I'm typing this if the title says there's a lost contact in my eye. Well, I wear both contacts and glasses. Obviously not at the same time, duh. That'd be weird. I wore my contacts today and when i came home, I went to take them out. I have NO idea if the right one came out. My left one did but I looked on my desk (I was standing near it using the mirror to take them out)...no where. On my carpet, no where. On my body? Nope. I can DEFINITELY feel something poking me in my eye/it feels sore. My mom tried flushing it out with water and while it BURNED my eye, nothing. I am currently wearing my glasses...hence why I am able to see and type. I am hoping by going to sleep, it'll move down my eye and "fall out" so I am able to see normal again.

Would I be a big moron to go to my eye doctor tomorrow to see if it is lodged up there somehow (I dont know how it would be)? Watch it not be and it fell out somewhere and my dumb brain didn't notice.

Off to dream land...and praying this thing does not blind me in my sleep.

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