Monday, October 31, 2011

fun weekend!

The last few weeks have been fun. And the coming weeks are going to be a blast! My birthday is in a few weeks (November 18th to be exact. I'll be expecting presents!). I am seeing Taylor Swift with Shannon at MSG two days before Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving I am going to my friend Ashley's wedding. It's just going to be such fun!

This past weekend I spent some time with my best friend April! She has her big-girl-adult job working as a reporter for the UN section of Japan's largest circulating newspaper's NYC bureau. Seeing her is rare because if she comes home for the weekend, it's late Friday night and I am working 95% of the time. So Saturday morning I took the train into Penn Station, where she met me. We walked around in that area for awhile before going to see a play. I feel very "cultured" after seeing a play in NYC. I don't know why but I do! We saw "Follies" which had Bernadette Peters in it. It was a rather interesting play about these people who were actors and having one last party in their theater before it was condemmed. They were having flashbacks. It was nice. But the weather was crappy! Umm, snow for OCTOBER? What in the hell?!

After the play we went back to her apartment after eating at a cute cafe Omonia or something that designed the cake in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". We watched "Bridesmaids" because April had not seen it yet and drank some wine with her roommate Katie when she got back. Katie, April and I all went to high school together so it was nice. Sunday morning we walked around SoHo and shopped. I am on a mission to find some red high heels to wear with a dress to a wedding next month. I found a pair in a Marshalls that could work but didnt feel like lugging them around (I was already lugging my purse and my small Vera Bradley duffel). Overall, it was a fun weekend and I can't wait to go back in the spring. :)

And speaking of shoes, I tried 7 different stores today at the mall looking for red heels! I am not exaggerating when I said 7. I tried Macy's, JCPenney's, Aldo, Bakers, Shi, Steve Madden, White House Black Market, Sears, H&M....okay I lied. WAY MORE THAN SEVEN! Everything is like stilettos. And while some tall girls like myself feel comfortable wearing them, I by no means do not. I want to feel comfortable in them. I want to dance my pants off! I'd still like something with a heel...even if it was a kitten heel. If I have to, I will wear black but I'd like to do something different. I am going to try DSW this week and also if all else fails, the outlets!

I need to upload pictures like whoa. I am also super excited to see Footloose tomorrow! $6 tuesday...can't beat that!