Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Ugh, As if!} Seriously

All right y'all. This is another favorite link-up of mine. Seriously Thursday with Becky at From Mrs to Mama!

1. If you're going to drive up my @$ when I'm already speeding and I can't go faster, you need to calm yourself down and move over. I HATE when people drive up my butt and you can't do anything about it. SERIOUSLY!

2. Seriously, I am BEYOND BEYOND excited to see my best friend next week!! AHH!! The countdown is now into SINGLE DIGITS! :)

3. Seriously, I'm wondering how many phone calls/texts I will get next weekend to cover people's shifts. No thank you, I put my RO in months ago!

4. Seriously, my thursday night could not be more of a waste of my time. I don't think I have learned one thing in it!

5. Sometimes, my dog thinks she is a human. She could be in a deep sleep in the hallway and hear you open a bag of pretzels or something and INSTANTLY finds where you are. Seriously, it's kinda annoying....yet kinda funny at the same time.

6. Seriously, the job market for teaching in New York just stinks. I am on OLAS every day and I cannot find a teaching job. Seriously, this just gives me more motivation to move to the South!

7. Seriously allergies, not cool. The ability to breathe out of my nose would be splendid. Looks like I'm investing in stock for Claritin. Where are my coupons?!

8. Can someone seriously smack some motivation and get my butt moving? I need to work out. I know I am the only person that can make myself do it. But I would like to actually feel better about myself. I need to see about an arm guard for running with my ipod touch. I have one for my nano which I might use but sometimes with music ad/hd, that ain't gonna fly.

9. I wanted to go apple picking this weekend on Sunday with my boyfriend and possibly another friend & her boyfriend (with whom my boyfriend is friends with). Seriously, most of the online sites for the local places out East say they have no apples due to Hurricane Irene. Seriously?! Sometimes I hate mother nature.

10. My boyfriend can tell me where he is taking me for the cruise that he says he is giving me as my birthday present. Seriously, I have done ENOUGH waiting. I just wanna sit here:

and sip this:

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