Friday, October 28, 2011

.friday's confession.

Yeah about that....


1. I confess I am SO TIRED of people asking me to cover their shift when I say I am NOT available. There is a REASON why the manager asked for which days you can work and which days you can't. Not my fault if you have open availability and I have class and you don't wanna work. Suck it up. I'm all for making money but suck it up!

2. I confess I procrastinate going to the bank. It's not like it's a 5 mile drive. It's literally up the block. I just am too lazy to go to the bank.

3. I confess I am that person that will pick something up in Target and decide when I'm on the other side of the store I no longer want to buy it. So I just leave it somewhere. Yes, I am one of those. I figure "Hey, I'm giving someone that works there something to do!"

4. I confess that I'd sometimes rather just step over stuff on my bedroom floor than clean it up. Lazy much? Nah, just get suckered in to facebook, blogger or the TV.

5. I confess if Patrick Dempsey was standing in front of me, there would be naughty things done to him.*giggles* I mean, he is way older than I am but he is a hunk! Look at this sexy face:

6. I confess I am addicted to eyeshadows. Or just makeup in general.

7. I confess...I really dont feel like studying for the Spanish CST but seeing as I am working with someone who has taken it four times, maybe I can get some pointers. I'm hoping to pass it next month and be done with it!

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  1. i often leave things i don't want in random aisles as well.

    (new follower!)