Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks Columbus

Dear Columbus, Thank you for giving us this day off from school. Not that it applies to me because I am not teaching nor do I have class today. That will change once I get an *actual* teaching job (in 257232365034 years). HOORAY.

I do not mind working. And I get when I'm teaching I'll work 5 days straight. But at my job right now, when it is super slow and you're on the second day of listening to people whine (aka co-workers) about how slow it is, you just want to slap them. It was super slow at work. What did I wake up to today? A text message asking me to cover the am shift? Oh work a double after working 6 days? No thank you. I have a ton of school work to catch up on (as I relax with movies before I go to work later). I am SUPER excited for my day off tomorrow. Don't get me wrong. I do like my job & co-workers. I'm just tired of people whining.

My mouth is killing me. I had a dental cleaning last week and it left my mouth sore all day. After Tuesday, it went away. But I woke up this morning and it is killing me. Hopefully it will pass because I am actually hurting. Boo.

I just might want to clean my room...and have a floor so the air mattress will fit on it! HAHA. Maybe I should go do that and be productive.

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