Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's Wednesday, y'all! I am back with my favorite link-up What I'm Lovin Wednesday with Jamie @ This Kind of Love. Be sure to check out her cute blog!

I'm loving that I got to meet Teresa Guidice tonight from Real Housewives of New Jersey. I got my number early this morning, switched my shift with a co-worker and waited. She wore a red dress and was REALLY nice! I kind of wish I had leaned in closer when I got my picture taken (which I will post tomorrow). I'm just happy. My first celebrity encounter!

I'm loving that I have a fabulous day on Friday with friends...including a wine & movie night after I work. We're gonna watch this fantastic movie (you have to see it if you haven't):

I'm loving that two weeks from tomorrow Stephanie will be here!!

I'm loving the book "The Help." I may be behind on reading it (I already saw the movie) but it is fantastic!

I'm loving that all my fall shows are back. I love watching Extreme Couponing (seriously, who has time to dedicate 20 hrs a week to couponing?!). I'm sad Dance Moms is done. I hope it comes back for another season!!

I'm loving that I have Saturday night to myself! I think I'll spend some time with my mom and watch a movie. =)

I'm loving my Dunkin Donuts K-cups in french vanilla coffee...thank god for it or I would not be able to function in my days.

I'm loving that my boyfriend's mom's doctor called back with *GOOD* news about her surgery from last week. Praise the Lord she is in good health. =)

What are y'all loving this week?!

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