Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What are you loving today?!

Today is one of my favorite link ups! Head over to Jamie's blog @ This Kind of Love to show what you're loving on What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving the color of my hair! Stephanie colored it for me last week when she got here and no one recognized me at my job when I went to work with my friends for dinner. One of my managers, Alyssa, told me to keep it the color I have now because it looks great. It's chocolate chestnut but Garnier but I love the look! IDK if you can tell what it looks like in this picture but this was a few hours after coloring it:

I'm loving that I passed the Students with Disabilities CST for my Special Education extension. It was a hard test but I passed! Now I can apply for my certificate and hopefully start applying for jobs. :)

I'm loving Kelly Clarkson's new album! I have been in the need of some new music and this was the perfect addition to my week!

loving the text message my SIL Laurie sent me last night. My niece had called me and left my a message about something and my SIL told me it was that she wants me to go to a breakfast party at her school on Friday morning. Sara (my niece) said "Mommy-she probably won't--she has to work nights you know!" (Such a smartypants). To which when I said I'd love to go my SIL sent me this: "I was just going 2 text u 2 tell u how awesome u r, u take genuine time 2 b w/your nieces & nephew & they will always feel close 2 u. i had an awesome godmother growing up who always made me feel special. u do the same 4 sara-she loves u so much. u just needed to know that."

{5} I'm loving that my birthday is three weeks from Friday! I cannot believe how OLD I will be. OMG.

{6} I'm loving that Christmas is about two months away!! HOLY COW. Where did 2011 go?! I can't wait to decorate the tree, wrap presents, and watch this movie on repeat for 24 hours on Christmas eve. I can do without the snow this winter! ;)


  1. 2011 zoomed by! I can't believe Christmas is almost here! Happy Wednesday!