Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Weekend Pinterest fun}

I am so tired right now. Probably was not the smartest idea staying up til 4am but I had an awesome day/night (after work) with my friends. We watched "Bridesmaids" (seriously, so funny) and had some drinks. Nothing like good conversations with good friends to make you realize you are the luckiest. ;) And during our conversations we came up with the following things:
-No big butt bows....or no butt bows AT ALL....on bridesmaid dresses
-We all have to go to shopping with each other for wedding make sure we don't let our friends walk down the aisle in something heinous.
-Have an open bar. Because that just spells good time right there =)
-Seeing as two of us are teachers (myself & Shannon), do not name your kids something ridiculously hard. Hello, do you want the kid to be made fun of in school?

And on another note, I have been watching Lifetime movies all evening. All depressing ones. It's not often I get a night to myself. =) Seriously, I could be productive and get onward with cleaning my room since Steph will be here in 12 days! But rather, I am having fun on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorite things that I love and have made me giggle:

so cute. i wish it was still warm weather!

melt my heart. i would put this above the bed in the master bedroom in my future home.

i love this quote.

love this quote!

isn't that the truth?

HAHA many of those nights in college.

rick astley!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i think i laughed for 5 minutes when i saw this.

o...m...g...i want a dog like this! so precious!

PS....I love this commercial. Maybe I am a nerd and it's because I am a Spanish teacher but I find it hysterical!

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