Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{i can see clearly now the rain is gone}

Ummm, well there is no rain. In fact, we've been having an Indian summer here on Long Island the past few days. It's so nice! I hope this means we won't be bombarded with insane amounts of snow this winter. PLEASE MOTHER NATURE, no SNOW! I HATE IT!

And in other news, the title of this post refers to my last post about that lost contact. I have worn contacts (when not wearing my lovely glasses) since I was in 8th grade. Way back in the years 2000-2001. I have NEVER had an issue with them and feeling like I lost them...until last night. When my brother woke me up at the ungodly hour of 7:30am on ONE of the few days I could sleep in (why he did that I do NOT know) to move my car (cause i dont hang my keys), my right eye felt like it was sore/irritated/possibly swollen a little. I ended up calling my eye doctor and they squeezed me in. Couple of drops and a poke in my eyeball later, turns out the lense must have fallen out and disappeared into the abyss last night when i came home from work. He lifted my eye up to see if it was wedged up there but he says it wasn't. So my eye was just REALLY irritated and he said I was good to go. While I am glad I had it checked out, I hope my eye stops bothering me once I go to sleep tonight. I'd like to know where that sucker went.

Happy as a clam was the best way to describe me when I found out my three hour, 45 minute class (and I do not lie) was cancelled for Tuesday night. I was actually productive in finding ALL the papers I needed to copy to mail in to try to get a payment for my hospital bill from when I had surgery at the end of 2010. Oh the joys. Sure, let's take a 9cm tumor out of you and charge you a gazillion dollars (Not really). Maybe once they see I owe SO MUCH MONEY in LOANS from undergrad and grad, they'll take pity on me...
fat chance!

Also, the Duggar family tends to creep me out. First off, I would never EVER have 19 children! God Bless your heart if you can! I'm one of 5 (the baby) and I think that is PLENTY! I had myself a good laugh because Michelle (aka the mother who popped them all out) tried wake her t-shirt and dress. Hello?! Do you NOT own a bathing suit? I get every family has their own ways of living and values and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just dont think I could ever dress the way they do (hello, they don't wear pants?!) but to each their own.

Paris, anyone?!? April (my BFF...the small one as I like to refer to her) and I have always discussed the idea of doing a vacation in Paris. Paris and Italy were two places (of many) I did not get to travel to while I studied abroad. *enter sad face/play the violin here* Now that she has her "I-put-on-my-big-girl-pants-and-have-a-real-life-job" and I could just figure out how to get the money, we are looking into going! I googled some flight prices for roughly 10-11 days (of maybe just Paris or maybe both Paris and Rome) and it seems cheaper to go in May/beginning of June. It is only in the works, so this is something we will have to discuss further.

My mom hired a handy man to finish a bunch of miscellaneous repairs around our finish the molding/fix my ceiling/shelf in my room, regrout the tub in the bathroom upstairs, eventually have her bathroom fixed, etc. *All of this makes me NOT look forward to owning a home one day!* I am excited for this to finally happen.

Also, I will be doing back flips (not really) on Friday. My brother Eric is FINALLY getting his car back (or so he says because he has been telling me this for weeks now) so I will stop carting his ass around town. Tomorrow is the last time he is allowed to borrow my car and if he does not have it back by 915 (he has to do something in the early am and um, NO THANK YOU to driving him there) I will be pissed off. Seriously, he's 30...he needs to get his act together and stop relying on me. I BETTER be getting a birthday present and good Christmas gift from him for all the "favors" (aka driving him) I did the last two-three months. If he is still carless, I will flip out.

Also, I need to work out. Like whoa. I just wish I didn't look so dumb when I ran out in public. maybe...just maybe i'll get some motivation soon and run with my ipod.

peace out homies.

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