Thursday, October 6, 2011's SERIOUS!

This is one of my favorite link ups. Who does not love a good rant?!

Link up with Becky at From Mrs to Mama! do I ALWAYS get stuck behind old people that seem to drive 30mph when its 55mph? OMG IT DRIVES ME INSANE!!! I am probably one of the worst people to drive with because stupid drivers tick me off.

Seriously...I really enjoy paying $2400 for a class and the teacher does not teach crap! It's a three hour class and I have taught myself more reading the textbook than sitting in her class. Very nice & personable..just not teaching what I hoped.

Seriously...the amount of stuff I have to do before Steph is here in two weeks is kinda big. And tedious. And annoying. I REALLY need to clean my room. Like bad. And pick up the rest of my house. And clean out my car. There are simply not enough hours in the day.

Seriously...Snooki is probably the FUNNIEST person on the Jersey Shore. (Okay, so this one is not a rant). She is pretty funny. Example from tonight's episode: "When people function this early in the morning, I feel like this isn't real life. It's like a video game." or "I've never seen a nun before!" *runs after said nun*

Seriously...can Meredith & Derek just get back together on Grey's already? It makes me sad.

Seriously...cannot believe I met Teresa Guidice last night! She was super nice!

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