Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life in the fast lane

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"-John Lennon

Well, that about sums up the past week! I realized while I have been reading my blogs, I haven't written. I think it just got chaotic! Wednesday my ceiling got finished and the guys are *suppose* to come back this week to finish it. Let's see if they actually do because they have not been here the past two days!

Thursday, I drove to LaGuardia airport to pick up my best friend from Georgia! Allison came with me and we were the nerds that made signs for her. Allison made a "Welcome Home" sign and I wrote one with her name, as if I was her limo driver picking her up. She got a chuckle out of them when she finally came down the escalator. It was SOOOOOOO good to see her! The last time I saw her was 6 months ago when I went to visit her. The time before that? Two years ago when she came to visit all of us (our circle of friends) at school the semester after she graduated. We went out to dinner that night and up to New Paltz on Friday, which was an AMAZING time. I have TONS of pictures to upload but here's one of us (with my boyfriend being cut out of it) at Dave & Buster's on Thursday:

One downside is while Steph was here, she lost her license! It somehow disappeared between the bar on Friday night and Sunday morning on the train to NYC when I realized it was gone when I saw it wasn't in her wallet. Of course she had it to show to the bouncer to get into the bar but I don't honestly remember that much after that. On the train to the city Sunday, we called the hotel we stayed in, the bar, the pizza place we went to to use their bathroom when the bar wouldn't let us back in at 4am, etc. No one had it. She only has to pay $5 to replace it compared to $80+ here in New York. But she freaked out about flying home. Luckily she had her SS card, credit cards, her school id, etc and was just subjected to a little extra screening.

I am oh-so-sad that she is back in Georgia. :( It was such an AMAZING time this weekend and a rather quick visit. I cannot wait to go down to Georgia/South Carolina with Olivia and Shannon in January and plan out the areas we want to visit to look at for possible living situations and moving to! Any suggestions in the Atlanta area or South Carolina, please let me know!! I will *always* be a NY girl but I need warmer weather in the winter!!

Good news is I passed my Students with Disabilities Content Specialty Test that I took back in September! WAHOO!!! Once I finish my two classes this semester and apply to NYS for the certification, I can teach anything special ed. How awesome is that? At least I think that's all I have to do. I need to email the certification coordinator to double check and be sure. And if I could just pass the Spanish CST on November 12th, I will be completely done with certification for NYS! And can then worry about Georgia certification, ha ha.

Also, I didn't really appreciate the email my professor sent me. Not going to get into it but her response was a bit snobbish. I really despise that class and cannot WAIT until it is over. Thank the lord.

Sleeping 11 hours last night did my body wonders. As I sit here watching 19 Kids & Counting (btw, I seriously think Michelle Duggar needs an update on her hair...this isn't the 90's anymore), I realize that I wanna go sleep. Until tomorrow, home skillets.

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