Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{Oh how the years go by...}

And oh how the years go by...
And oh how the love brings tears to my eyes
All through the changes the soul never dies
We fight, we laugh, we cry

As the years go by...

College. Oh how I miss it. Well, I don't really miss the classes and homework/papers. Or the dining hall food. Our dining hall was called "Hasbrouck"...my friends and I lovingly referred to it as "Haspuke" because let's face it, it was NOT mom's home cooking! Although I was utterly upset when they got rid of the chicken patties that were on Tuesday/Thursdays...those were the days I liked going to the dining hall!

They say that college is the best four years of your life. Or sometimes five years in certain cases. You can meet your future spouse, make life altering decisions (like completely changing your major or something) and meet your life long friends. I had an amazing four years at New Paltz. Part of my heart still is up there in the mountains. I cannot wait to visit there when Steph is here in a few weeks! (Almost 16 days!)

I often get nostalgic about these memories. My friends and I made some interesting choices...to say the least. There were a lot of nights that we tried to piece back together the next day. Lots of laughs. Lots of memories. And forgive me for the picture overload now as I look back. =)

FRESHMEN YEAR (wow, we were such babies!)

Liz, Me, Heather & Olivia at church street

One of many nights hanging out in Room 204

The GIANT Dr.Seuss picture my RA put on our bathroom door

Pretending to be the Spice Girls haha


One of those many "Oh that night"

FYI Food Drive! {Note, I was not part of this first year group...all my friends were}

Sitting on the New Paltz sign walking to town

Spirit Day!

My birthday! And yes, my friends gave me a menorah.

Buddha & I

Suitemates! {Liz, Becky [my roommate], Esperanta, Kara, Theresa, Nikki [our RA/suitemate] and me}

HAHA Olivia...oh those "innocent" nights

Secret Santa!

Freaky hair night

Yeah, we had dry erase boards on the back of both of our stall doors. And had conversations.

My frat buddy Andrew. I miss my Vermont friend!

Me, Nikki, Jenny and Cara the day I moved out. These girls were Nikki's friends and I became friendly with them. I miss them all! <3

SOPHOMORE SLUMP (aka the year we'd like to all forget!)

Steph & I at a KDPhi Party

Dressing up as Jen A for Halloween

Orientation buddies! {Me & Eric}

Halloween....Britney Spears {her baby one more time video} and Girls Gone Wild!

Kindergarten night!

Group shot at KDPhi!

Ran into Cara outside the bar! <3

Girls Gone Wild

Cara & I again!

South Side Complex Girls

Heather's birthday

Me, Steph and Jenna @ KDPhi party

Playing around before Christmas break

One of my favorite pictures

Playing "Kings" in Lefevre 303!

Allison, Me, Steph and Steph's friend Kristen on Spring Break!

Water Balloon fight night!

Palm Trees! Anna Maria Island, FL

JUNIOR YEAR! (half way there!)
This is a rather short year because part of my year was spent in Spain! My spring semester, I studied abroad!*

21st birthday!

Me & Mariel {I look pretty good for just getting off 9 different medicines for bronchitis}

First *legal* drink purchase at Applebee's!

My roommate Allison being a dork

Spirit Day!

Halloween...we both went as waitresses.

Roomies! {Lord, my hair was BLONDE}

Getting in touch with my Jewish side!
Allison & I used to have contests of balancing the recyclables until it fell over to see who had to take it down to the trash room.

Circle K conference in Lake George!

SENIOR YEAR! {Look How Far We've Come!}

Secret Santa

Me with the giant cookie Liz baked for my birthday!

Trailer Trash Night....interesting night!

One of my favorite pictures from senior year!

Fishbowl Thursday!


The weekend Steph came to visit. The best friends a girl can have!

The table at Church Street! <3

Best friend {My hair was really blonde!}

Heather & Me

One of our last nights hanging out at Church Street!
{Shannon, Amanda, Me}

{Girls Just Wanna Have Fun}

{Out to dinner for Heather's birthday!}
{Me & Olivia!}
{BFF Always}

{Emily, Jade, Olivia, Sarah, Shannon, Heather, Me}

{The best friends anyone could have asked for in four years of college}
{This depicts us all PERFECTLY}
{Olivia & I!}

{Exit off the NYS Thruway for school}

There are places I remember
All my life
Though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all

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