Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ipod mishap!

I am SERIOUSLY addicted to playing words with friends on my ipod touch. Like it's bad. I have multiple games going with the same people (my aunt & I have three games going!).

So naturally, I was playing it tonight when I got out of work early as I was eating a bowl of soup. Suddenly, it slipped into the bowl of soup. I SCREAMED! I mean, I pretty much made this face:

So I ran and got my towel and dried off the screen, the holes where the charger & headphones go in, the headphone buttons on the side and the "hold" button at the top. I also sucked any of the soup out of any holes and cleaned the screen with the cleaner I use for my macbook pro. I still finished a few games of Words with Friends. But it is currently sitting in a bowl of rice on my desk, drying it out. Hopefully it'll work! I would be pissed if it ended up being fried! So keep your fingers crossed for me!

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