Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Exciting NEWS!!}

Raise yo hand if you are a Disney fan!!! *raised hand high!!* (Seriously, if you are not, SHAME on you!). I absolutely love Disney World. I went twice this year....January with 4 college friends and in August with my brother & his family & my mom.

So I was super excited when they re-released The Lion King in theaters. It didn't matter to me if it was in 3D or not. Shannon, Olivia and I were super thrilled and saw it opening day! Sidenote: it is now the top 10th grossing movie of all time apparently according to the radio today.

Tonight, I looked at Disney's facebook page and there was a status update that said Disney & Pixar studios were re-releasing four movies next year (well, starting). And what might those movies be? Well, two of the four are my FAVORITES! They're re-releasing Beauty & The Beast (omg SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!), The Little Mermaid (I was just talking about how I wanna see this again/buy it on DVD), Monsters Inc & Finding Nemo. I feel like the last two are not that exciting because they're more recent. The other two were out when I was little. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! *does the happy dance*

Also, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Go ahead and laugh but I am a fan of Teresa Guidice (from RHONJ aka Real Housewives of New Jersey). I have loved her from season 1 of the show. So when I stumbled upon the fact that she was doing a book signing tomorrow at the Barnes & Noble right at the mall where I work...TWO doors down from where I work....I freaked out! I begged my boyfriend to go stand in line for me and get her autograph! He said he would, except now he might have to work. :( Boo. And of course, I can't switch my shift. So here's to hoping I can BUST out of work at 930 and see if she's still there. It was originally suppose to start at 7 but now it's starting at 7:30. (I secretly hope there's a ton of traffic from Great Neck to the mall where I am so she's late & I can attend ;) I also just mapquested the other store she's doing it at and it's roughly a 49 minute drive w/o Long Island, good luck! I hope it works out. I'm still going to go get a number tomorrow morning at 930 to see if I have a slim chance of meeting her)

I actually bought this cookbook from Barnes & Noble (her second one of course) and want to try some recipes from it!:

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