Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello fall!

It has definitely gotten colder over the last week, week and a half. Ever since Saturday I have woken up with a congested nose that when I blow it is like the Nile River (sorry, TMI) and a semi sore throat. I get like this every fall, which is why I DETEST this season. I totally prefer summer!

My room is finally in the process of being finished. Two years ago my brother Mark painted it a lovely shade of lime green for me (my choice!) When he painted the ceiling, it started bubbling and when he tried to peel it to fix it, it ended up just being a big old mess. Plus I had no molding around my closet doors. My mom finally found a handy man to do all these repairs we need around the house. My ceiling was spackled and primed yesterday and will be painted today! YAY! The guys were here yesterday, today, and tomorrow. My mom told them I am having company on Thursday so they'd have to come back next week. I am super excited that it'll FINALLY be good again and will be able to finish the decorating I have wanted to do. =)

Last night was a super slow night at work. So much to the point Sarah and I were eating cupcakes that I baked. Really. Haha. And I played with a flashlight. Sarah has a picture of me on her phone with it because a customer was on the phone begging me to look for her wallet that she lost on Sunday night. That thing someone probably stole, is long gone, or she lost it somewhere else. And then I was introduced to the wonderful app "Hanging with Friends." It's Scrabble & hangman put together. In addition to already being addicted to playing "Words with Friends," this spells bad news!!

I am standing in my kitchen as I type this since my room is being worked on. Which is completely fine because I need to at least attempt to pick up the downstairs since Steph comes...in two days! So excited does not even begin to describe it. She keeps telling me she does not care if my house is clean (because let's face it, as soon as I clean off a counter or a room, someone messes it up...a casualty of living with 3 of 4 brothers at home.

I really don't feel like going to class tonight. At all. Its from 7-10:45. I am hoping to only be there til 9:30 the latest. It's not that bad considering he cancellled last week but I really just dont have the patience after 930 to be in class. My fault for taking it now but I'd rather drive 10 minutes down the road then 25 in the opposite direction to the other campus. At least I only spent $40 renting the textbook when it is like $90 to rent from the school bookstore. Seriously, that was always the biggest rip off!!

I am also re-dying my hair when Steph comes to visit. The first time I colored it was when I was in high school right after prom. I had grown it out and donated it to Locks of Love the day after prom. Let's see...which shade looks best on me?

(Dark freshmen year)

Going back to my natural-ish color sophomore year (wow my hair was LONG!! I kind of miss it!)

(Blonde before I dyed it junior year)

Reddish-brown tint senior year.

I think I am going to go to a darker route. Some people love me as a blonde but I personally like a darker color!! The only question is since my eyebrows are a natural-ish color, do I dye them with the hair dye?

I'm going to leave you all hanging in a loop and wait to see what color it ends up being!

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