Thursday, October 27, 2011


I gots lots on da mind, and so I'm going to dump it all here. :)

-I wish I knew how to change the fonts on blogger. I am so not technologically savvy in that aspect. Way to be a LOSER!

-I am super excited to be going into the city this weekend! April is my BFF from home who got a job as a journalist one month after graduating/four days after moving back home! She works for Japan's largest circulating newspaper in NYC but she lives in Queens. So I am going to spend Sat & Sun with her. YAY! We're gonna try and see a play, Sister Act, with rush tickets. We shall how that goes.

-WAHOO for not having a $25 co-pay when I went to the gyno today. I was kind of shocked but it had something to do with the insurance companies trying to cover the annual exam and not make you pay. So hopefully I won't get billed for it. =) Also, I have to say I love how my doctor makes sure I get samples of my BC when needed and makes sure I have the insurance card to make it cheaper. Gotta love a doctor who looks out for her patients!

-I have a good work schedule next week. As in I do not have to work any doubles...WAHOO! I work Monday night (and yeah its halloween and does not bother me!), Wednesday Night, Fri night, Sat night and Sunday morning. Also I love this work schedule compared to my last job. My last job would be waitressing either 630-3 or 4 or 8-4. And i lived far away and had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn. let's face it that ain't a pretty sight in the AM!

-I'm pretty sure I am the only person who hopes to get picked to do jury duty! I got the questionnaire in the mail last week and finally submitted it online (watching Law & Order SVU reminded me to do that!).

-You know you're a teacher when you have 20 books on your wishlist on Amazon for your future classroom! Nerd alert!

-I have added so many good books (and free ones at that!) to my Kindle. Now when will I find time to read them?!

-I need a maid to clean my room. I really find no point in dusting it until the guys come back to finish my ceiling. Why clean up one mess when another one will just be created?!

-Considering how addicted I am to my iPod touch, my next phone will probably be an iPhone. My contract with my mom isn't up until April so we shall see. I LOVE my number and don't want to have to change it because of going onto my own plan (that's what they told me last year).

-The more adoption blogs I read, the more I feel inspired to pursue adoption. I have actually known for the longest time (probably since age 7 or 8) that I wanted to adopt. I wanted to have four kids of my own (preferably 2 boys, 2 girls) and adopt a fifth. I have been reading this family's story about adopting their little boy from Korea and the pictures/story are just heart warming. It shows me that there are still good people left in this world who want to make a different and share their love. Hopefully this does not come across as a creepy thing but the stories of these families inspired me greatly. I pray that the guy I marry shares my hope & desire to adopt. If not, well that can all be changed. :)

-Note to self: DO NOT BUY PANTS WITH THE ZIPPER IN THE BACK! I freaking kid you not a woman came into my job yesterday with her kids wearing these. Hey, more power to ya if you want easy access. But umm, it's weird the zipper is in the BACK. Unless she got dressed backwards in which case I'd still be laughing.

-It is really weird to not have my brother working on a Friday night. I mean, there have been occasions in the past where he has had the night off but this week and next week he is doing the "opening" shift in the morning. I'm so used to him being a closer. He is working a double tomorrow night but next Friday he is only working the morning shift (yes I loveeeeee that my job lets us see who is working on the days). Oh hey, we hired three new servers too. Let's see how many make it out of the training classes. I kid you not, they are hard. We take quizzes. Yeah, you read that right.

-I am going to see Footloose with Shannon & Olivia on Tuesday (holla $6 day/night!) and we're gonna have lunch beforehand. Wahoo.

-Okay, I for real need to go to bed. I'm going to eat bagels with first graders tomorrow morning with my niece. At 8:30am which I consider to be an ungodly hour. All because my lovely goddaughter asked me to. Who can resist this face?!

Oh, and I'm going to leave you with this picture of ghetto swag from the streets of NYC on Sunday. For real? Who the heck dresses like this and goes out in public?! (the chick all the way to the right wearing a gold tube top!)

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