Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Link up with Jamie today to show what you're loving!

I'm loving that today is Wednesday and I do not have my tutoring session or 3 hour class tomorrow night thanks to the Jewish holidays! YAY for a night off before working all day Friday.

I'm loving this color of nail polish by Essie. It's called "Bahama Mama" and it is a deep plum color. It looks great on my nails.

I'm loving that three weeks from tomorrow I will be reunited with my best friend Steph! I cannot wait to surprise her with our friend Allison at the airport and the signs we plan on making welcoming her home. ha ha. And I'm excited to go back to New Paltz (our old stomping ground!) for a visit.

I'm loving that my boyfriend and I will be attending my friend Ashley's wedding the day after Thanksgiving. I LOVE weddings and I can't wait! :)

I'm loving that I have Saturday night off and Sunday off from work! I only have to work tonight, all day Fri and saturday morning. Not too bad!

I'm loving these tops from Old Navy (I have a bad desire to go shopping!!)

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    Greetings from Italy