Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

A la tune of Rebecca Black's "Friday" song. HAHA. We all know how annoying yet CATCHY that darn song is.

Here's what I am loving today!

Link up with Jamie today!
I'm loving that after today, I do not have to work again until Saturday morning (HAHA I almost forgot about that shift!) I have Friday night AND Saturday night off this weekend which is almost unusual for me. Don't really care that I have to work a double on Sunday. I love me some weekend clean & organize!

I'm loving this new nailpolish color lady like by Essie. My mom made the mistake of taking me to get my nails done over a year ago and I haven't stopped since. It makes me feel more feminine with them. And I am not one to go buy nail polish in the store because I could never do my nails before. But I stumbled upon this color in CVS the other day and bought it. I can't wait to have it put on my nails next time I get them done!

I'm loving that I do not have my grad class this Thursday night. Who doesn't love a night off? Plus, apparently we have another one off in two weeks for the Jewish holiday, yay!

I'm loving that my tickets for the Yankees/Red Sox game came in the mail via Fed Ex yesterday! From the schedule on the website, it appears it is their last home game of the season and the last game in a series of three against the Red Sox aka right before the play offs for the World Series! I am so excited to go with my man, my bff Shannon & her boyfriend and our friend Olivia! It'll be a fun day.

I'm loving that I will soon hopefully be done with testing and actually have my teaching license. I really just want a teaching job!

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  1. yay for being so close to having your license!