Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are you serious?!

My favorite link up! Who does not love a good rant?! Time for Seriously Thursday with Becky @ From Mrs to Mama:

Seriously power went off 5 days AFTER the Hurricane came through? Granted, I am one of the lucky ones who never lost power during the storm but it was an inconvenience to my day! Thankfully it was only out for two hours.

Seriously...why does my brother Eric think he can borrow anything and everything of mine? I chauffeur your a$$ all over the place so no, I am NOT lending you my laptop so you can go do a Fantasy Football draft with all of one of our other brother's friends. Not happening. I feel mean saying no (I always do) but it's not fair to use me! Seriously, grow the f up because you'll be 30 in 9 days!

Seriously...I am way too addicted to Words with Friends. I can't stop playing it and I started games with people who haven't replied back and I wanna play more. WAAAYYY too addicting.

Seriously...why are textbooks so FREAKING EXPENSIVE?! I have two classes left to complete my Special Education extension. I took the other two in the summer. Prices of my textbooks? $96.55 USED for one and $93.50 USED for the other...WTF. I think I'll end up either buying them new from for the price of two used together or just rent them. We shall see. At least one class does not start for another month! is SEPTEMBER?! WTF?! Where did summer go? At least I did not slave my summer away like I did last year (because that was just pureeee joy).

Seriously...the way some people drive irks me. If you're going to drive 30mph in the left lane and the speed limit is 55mph, GET OUT OF MY WAY. I hate when slow people are in the left lane...that's what the right is for! would be wonderful to find a teaching job...before I am like 50. I guess it's a "dry spell" which sucks but I do have faith I will find something.

Time to go off to class and possibly learn something...and hide my computer from my brother. ;)

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  1. hahaha I get soooo annoyed with bad/slow drivers. Seriously get out of my way if you can't drive properly ha