Saturday, September 3, 2011


it's literal the best word to describe my mood right now. i had a long day. i was at work from 11:30am-10pm....not fun. don't get me long, love my job, love my co-workers. it was just a long day and tonight was insanely crazy busy. i don't get why it is been like that the past week (my guess is because everyone had no power from the hurricane/still doesn't or just want to come out). tonight was just insane and i had this party of 18 that i had to figure out where to sit (i don't even know 18 people to take out to dinner!) and i don't know if i was not being clear or what but i was starting to get frustrated (I know...don't sweat the small stuff....easier said then done). i got my manager to help me out but i guess i can come across as rude bc of the tone of my voice? i try to be as pleasant, helpful, smiley and sincere/nice as i can but apparently one customer wrote a comment that said i was rude to them (no idea when this happened).... hmmm. i'm just taking it as "a grain of salt" and using it to take note and be careful around the customers for the future. you can't please them all but i will surely try.

it was just an insane week and i felt like i was running around with my head cut off. plus my brother's ticking me off AGAIN so i swear, i just need to take some deep breaths and start fresh tomorrow. it's a BRAND NEW DAY! take light from this song:

off to bed. back to work in less then 10 hours. sweet.

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