Wednesday, September 7, 2011

it's raining, it's pouring....

Happy Wednesday y'all! It has been somewhat nasty today with it POURING today but let's hope there is some sunshine behind those clouds for the rest of the week!

It's time for one of my favorite link ups, What I'm Loving Wednesday! You can link up with Jamie here.

I'm loving that I got my tutoring job back! I was required to do it as part of a class during my graduate studies and did it again last semester and was paid. My student from last fall requested me this semester (we were suppose to work together last semester but it got messed up) and I'm SUPER excited it worked out!

I'm loving that this Friday, a bunch of my girlfriends from college and I are having a big old fashioned 7th grade sleepover at someone's house upstate...complete with the adult beverage...COCKTAILS! :) Any excuse to hang out with friends is awesome.

I'm loving that I assembled my new desk chair all by myself! It's one of those rolly ones and it is lime green so it matches my room --- perfect! I was so darn proud of myself when I did it.

I'm loving the show Gilmore Girls! Seriously, it is such a shame it went off the air after 7 seasons. I started watching Season 1 again on DVD (I own all of them) last week and now I'm up to season 2. It's such a funny show. I may have to do a whole blog post with some of my FAVORITE quotes from that show.

I'm loving that Lion King in 3D comes out next weekend. Is it sad I am SUPER excited to see this?!

I'm loving that as of tomorrow, it will only be SIX more weeks til I get to see this lovely chica:

What are you loving this week?!

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