Sunday, September 4, 2011

weekend fun

Part of me cannot BELIEVE it is Labor Day weekend. And that majority of people (my brother/SIL/niece & nephew) go back to school on Tuesday! WOW!! Seriously, where did summer go?!?! I have to say, this summer was much more enjoyable than last so I am quite pleased.

I am super excited because three weeks from today, I will be going to a Yankee/Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium with my boyfriend, my BFF Shannon, her boyfriend Dan and my friend Olivia. The tickets were somewhat expensive but I have been DYING to go....and the Yankees playing the Red Sox is the only way my boyfriend would ever be caught in the Yankee Stadium. It is the last game of three (and I think their last game of the season before playoffs) in a series against the Red Sox so I hope they beat their butts!

I really wish I had the desire to clean my room. It is one of those things that I know has to be done, but I would much rather sit in bed and watch Gilmore Girls (hence what I have been doing...except now instead of watching it on my computer, I shall switch to the DVD player.) I think it is time to get the suitcase from Florida OFF my floor and INTO the closet so it is away.

I wonder if tonight and tomorrow night will be busy at work. Maybe, maybe not. It's nice to be making that $$. Lord knows I need it! I bought my textbook for my class that started on Thursday for like $69 NEW on Amazon. It was $96 USED at the school bookstore..holy cow what a nice savings! And best part? i bet i can sell it back and make a profit =)

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