Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oh how pinteresting...

Pinterest sucks you in. Seriously. And I thought Facebook was a procrastination tool in college.....and now....yeah right! I have done nothing productive since I came home from work except look up fun/useless things on Pinterest.

Here are some of my new favorite finds:

I totally want a picture like this at my wedding. Every girl deserves a moment like this!

And for the Southern girl in me!

Totally would wear this shirt!

My motto...always!

Love this. Everyone deserves someone who makes them feel like this.

I would totally do this for a "Save the Date" announcement!

Love this cute look.

Love the green in this outfit!!

This makes me melt. I want my future husband to do this. Or I at least hope he does!

I could go on but unfortunately, I have to go tutor my student and then babysit later! Don't worry...I'll be back with a pinterest dump later in the week =)

1 comment:

  1. The margarita quote is my motto! and I'm totally giving into this friday :) haha

    the last picture is SO sweet!