Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i don't wanna grow up...i just wanna be a toys r us kid!

I so do not want to grow up sometimes. In fact, making important life decisions is not my best skill (ha ha!). I am taking my last two classes in Special Education to get my certification in that. It was only four additional classes after my Masters program to take and the state certification test. I figured, why not? If it can only make me that more marketable when it comes to applying for jobs, then so be it.

Well, when I met with the certification lady at my college in April, she said in order to get my Special Education certificate, I had to take the test and pass it before February 2012. So the two test dates (the first two) are September 24th (which is when I am taking my test) and November 12th (which is when I have to re-take my Spanish CST bc I missed passing that by 18 points). Believe me, there is NO WAY I want to take TWO tests in one day. I think my brain would implode. Especially since one is offered in Nassau and one is offered in Suffolk and who knows how far the sites would be from. Last Thursday in class, someone said it got changed to 2014. Now, if that is true, it is lovely. However, if it is not, I am so royally screwed because if I don't pass on the 24th, I have to retake it the 12th of November...the same day I take my Spanish CST. Really? NOT FUN...at all.

I know this situation isn't that complex or anything. And in reality, it will all work out. I kind of am not really worried but I think it will all be okay. I just hope I pass the test on the 24th. And the one in November. Because it would be REALLY nice to get my teaching license and get an actual teaching job! Even if it was only part time! I'll just keep humming this to myself... Good things come to those who wait. Good things come to those who wait.

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