Monday, September 26, 2011

Aruba, Jamica, oh i wanna take ya

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego
baby why don't we go?

Oh Beach Boys. Their song "Kokomo" really makes me want to take a vacation. Like bad. My boyfriend says he is taking me on a cruise as part of my birthday & Christmas present(s) but we shall see. I keep telling him to NOT go back on his word because he has tortured me with this. But I seriously .LOVE. to travel! I loved jet-setting across Europe while I studied abroad. I would have traveled more if I had more money.

I definitely want to go on a trip next year. With one best friend. With more than one in a huge group...whatever! So I started playing on and holy crap, I would TOTALLY pay $760 for an all inclusive stay in Punta Cana, the Dominincan Republic. Or I could pay $761 to go to St. Thomas. Or $592 for St.Lucia! Or even $702 to go to Cabo San Lucas. Man, the options are just endless!!! So, now the big plan is to save money...and determine who wants to go with me.

The Yankee v. Red Sox game yesterday was AWESOME! It was a double header because Friday's game got rained out. We had tickets to the 1:05 game and it was pretty great. There was a tribute to Mariano Rivera for his 602 saves making him the all-time saver in baseball history (I think). It was sweet. And I was super happy because Derek Jeter played! I wish Swisher played but he was playing in the 2nd game. They killed the Red Sox 6-2 in the first game but they lost in the second game...which had 14 innings! I can't wait to upload the pictures.

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  1. i love traveling as well! I wish I had more chances to do it!