Tuesday, September 6, 2011

adios verano

part of me still cannot believe that summer is "over" essentially. i mean, it's not technically fall yet but still, once school starts its like summer break is over. this summer has been one of my favorites...except for how FAST it went.

just a photo recap of some of my favorite things that happened this summer:

graduated with my master's degree =)

liquor party with friends =)

miss you, amanda!

memorial day bbq at dan's

amanda's birthday

4th of july with friends =)

my niece's recital! <3

olivia's birthday with our favorite bartender

mets game with the boy

britney spears concert!!

disney vacation with the family!

shannon's 24th birthday!

love these two!

day at the vineyards with my bff amanda

allison's birthday!

can't wait to see what fall brings!

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