Tuesday, September 13, 2011

oh i love me some pinterest

I wish I could remember my log in information for Pinterest to make my pin boards because I can spend hours on end (instead of doing other important things like cleaning my room or actually applying for a job) on it. Instead?

Take a look at some of my new favorite finds:

Love this quote!

I need to read the book now that I have seen the movie!!

Story of my days off!

My teaching philosophy

I totally wish I could pull an outfit like that off

i REALLY need to start working out again. someone motivate me!

totally makes me think of all of my friends! <3

OMG i would totally do this to my dog...and know someone who has.

love this wedding gown. want something like it down the road!

story of my life with my bffs!

Love this.

i say, there's always tomorrow!


  1. Ha! The dog pin is ADORABLE! I love the baby pic with the dog tags. So cute!

  2. Those are great pins!! I love pinterest but it sure can eat up a lot of time!! You need to read The Help. It's so good.