Tuesday, September 6, 2011

happy first day!

happy first day of school to my niece sara & my nephew steven! sara is in first grade and steven is starting kindergarten. SERIOUSLY?! where did the time GO?! i swear it was just yesterday sara was six months old at my high school graduation and my nephew was born at the beginning of my sophomore year of college. i don't know who took my nephew (last year it was my mom who took my niece) but it hope they both have a great first day!

i went and got a manicure. i have tips on my fingers because if i don't, i will bite my nails. i was opening a car of dr.pepper cherry after i got home and part of the polish smudge on my left thumb. REALLY? i sat under the dryer for like 20/25 minutes...why now? it's not that big but it's just annoying I paid $16 for a fill-in plus a tip and this happens when i get home. its not like someone would go "OMG YOU MISSED A SPOT!" if they saw the smudge but it is just the principle of the matter. this happen to anyone? any tips on how to prevent it from smudging/chipping when you get home? end of me being cranky.

my mom and i saw the movie "The Help" together. she doesn't go that often to the movies and she really wanted to see it. she was going to ask her friend who used to be our hairdresser but she had already seen it. so i told my mom i would go see it with her...who isn't up for a bonding session with her mom?! :) we both LOVED it. i would totally go see it again. it was a pretty long movie but the message is pretty powerful. it's a shame that is how our country used to be about 40-50 years ago but at the same time, it is amazing to see where we are today. my sister-in-law is reading the book and i plan on reading it as soon as she is done. GO SEE IT! you will love it!

i love how i saved myself $30 buying a textbook brand new from amazon and it was almost $100 USED at the school bookstore. plus i ordered it thursday and it came today! score!

maybe today i will actually be productive and clean my room. keyword: maybe. and do some laundry. oh well. time to go enjoy my day off!

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