Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stamps in my Passport

Ever since 8th grade when I knew I wanted to become a Spanish teacher, I had a desire to travel abroad. My middle school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Reith (SO thrilled I had her for 3 years! best teacher!), is the one that inspired me to take two languages in high school. When she talked about the time she lived abroad, it made me excited for when I would get to go abroad.

So for today's little story in the #blogeverydayinFebruary challenge, I am reflecting upon the best decision of my life: Spring 2008 semester abroad in Seville, Spain. I came home broke, wishing I had traveled to more cities but honestly, hands down best decision! Originally, I wanted to only go for a summer session which is essentially a month. Then my advisor in college convinced me to do a semester abroad (she was pushing for a year but I don't know if I could have handled it...or afforded it!). I chose Seville because it was a program offered through my school, it was in the South (warmer than the North of Spain!) and my friend Bethany had done it.

I was able to visit beautiful cities like Granada and see La Alhambra. Indescribable.

Could be a post card picture!

I even went to a resort in Marbella which overlooked the coast of Africa. So cool!

One weekend, my roommates and I went to Barcelona. I loved walking down Las Ramblas and going to Parque Guell where America's Next Top Model was one season.

My mom came to visit me for two weeks and we went to London, England!
Outside Buckingham Palace

When in London! 

Outside St.Paul's

At Madam Tussaud's in London with The Beatles (And I look super tan here....WAAHHH!!)

Then I went to Dublin, Ireland and the Netherlands with my roommates Sam, Jessie and Stacy who was in our program.

Went to the Guinness Factory for a tour!

At Trinity College in Dublin

Ann Frank Museum where she was hidden with her family

At the I amsterdam sign!

I also went to Cordoba for a group field trip
My entire program group in Cordoba! We had our program director Miguel and our tour guide Luis there.

Who can forget getting sunburned in Cadiz?! (I AM SO TAN HERE!! I WANT TO GO BACK!!)

Almost two years ago I went on a tropical cruise with my now ex. I love getting to explore new cities. I love being able to see things I have learned about for years. I love getting to use the language. I wish I could have gone to more cities and/or countries when I was in Spain studying abroad. Mainly France and Italy (almost went to France when my mom was coming to visit). 

On my travel bucket list is Paris, Italy, Greece, Madrid (I only saw the airport!), other cities in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, etc. I want to also visit every single Spanish speaking country.....well, the safe ones. 

Where have you traveled? Where do you want stamps in your passport?! 

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