Monday, February 17, 2014

{5 favorites!}

It was super hard to choose 5 FAVORITE things of mine. Seriously, why do I have to limit it? But here we go:

{1} Jennifer Aniston

Hands down, she is my favorite actress!! I watch every movie she has been in. I just really have enjoyed watching her in FRIENDS. My favorite movie of her's is The Good Girl and also We're The Millers. So funny. I just find her to be a beautiful woman and if I look like her when I am 45, than thank the lord!

{2} Disney World
 I always say that if you don't like Disney World, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you. It is the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!! I went three times in the span of 14 months...June 2010 with my best friend to celebrate our college graduations, January 2011 with my college friends for just fun and August 2011 with my brother when he took his kids for the first time. I am ITCHING to go back. I am visiting my best friend April for a few days in April on my spring break and we are going to go to Disney for a day. I wish it could be longer but with her job as a court reporter, she can't get away for super long. I am hoping to go back for longer this summer.

 These kids. My nephew Steven, my niece Emma and my niece/goddaughter Sara. I love these kids more than anything. It is such a JOY to be their aunt. I have fun spoiling them. I can't wait to spoil Emma for her birthday in April with Frozen goodies! My mom tells me it is her new favorite movie. I can't believe she is going to be 5!!!

Puppies! I just love them so much because I could cuddle all day with them. Specifically mine when she isn't being a brat. this is her when we first got her:

Coffee. Because without it, I would not function!

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