Monday, February 10, 2014

Lessons Learned {Blog Challenge}

Today's prompt of "what I am learning" is an interesting one for me. Life now is a season of change. Finding the right job. Finding the right relationship. Moving out on your own. Discovering who you truly are. Scary changes!

I am 27 and if I think back to when I was 15, how I thought my life would be by now is the complete OPPOSITE of what it is. When I was 15, I thought I would meet my future husband either in high school or when I went off to college. Did it happen either way? Nope. Infact, I did not meet my first boyfriend until 2 months after I graduated college.  And we all know how that ended up...

In the past few months I feel like I have seen nothing but engagements and "I''m pregnant!" announcements popping up on my newsfeed like hot fire. Is it wrong to feel a tiny bit jealous? I do not think so. Don't get me wrong...I am happy for those people who are delighting in these times. Yet, I wish it was me.

My friend Olivia sent me a picture message of the ring that her now fiance Marc proposed with in Puerto Rico. I had a feeling that they were getting engaged on this trip after being together for four years! Was I jealous when I saw that message? Nope. I was TRULY happy. Olivia is one of my best friends from college and I knew that this was the right time for her. She waited so long for this moment and it made my heart so happy to rejoice for her. Honestly, I am so beyond excited for her and Marc (Shannon and I have been nagging him for almost 2 years when was he going to propose) so I cannot wait for the wedding.

But what has this taught me? Or what am I learning? Good things come to those who wait. I am a firm believer in that. What I am learning is God wants me to focus on myself as who I am, what I want out of life and my career. It's in his hands/plans when the perfect man will come along. I am learning to have patience with myself in regards to my love life. I am learning its okay to feel like you won't ever have that happily ever after (but you will). I know my time will come. I am learning to change my feelings and be optimistic!

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