Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Purse Lady {Blog Challenge}

Today's topic in Bailey's #blogeverdayinFebruary challenge is RIGHT up my alley!! It's about what is in your purse. You know how some girls love shoes? I, for one, hate hate hate shoe shopping. If I could live in flipflops year round, I would. I can't walk properly in heels and I am always afraid I will trip and land flat on my face!

I would rather buy purses over shoes because well, purses are necessary! At least to me. I totally blame my purse problem on my Aunt Betsy. My graduation gift from high school was a Dooney & Bourke bag (black with the colored heartS) that I still have. From there, I got a Coach bag one year and she gave me the bag that started the Vera Bradley obsession.

Right now I am using a Coach beige bag I got on clearance plus an additional 60% off at the outlets. I may switch it up soon since I have so many purses...and have purse ADD. Here's whats inside now:

Coach glasses case for when I wear my contacts and want to bring my glasses
my checkbook for work (aka where I write orders)
my name tag for work (they are minii chaokers
Vaseline Lip Therapy chapstick
2 lotions, Jingletini from B&BW and a Victoria's Secret one
my Michael Kors wallet
a random tea from work that I think I brought home a few weeks later
my Coach sunglasses (the case is somewhere else!)

I also carry my iPhone and iPad when theres not 23520492643963 things going on

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