Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{Little Tidbits About Me}

Wow, it's day 19 of this blogging challenge! Kudos to be for doing it every single day but one. I really enjoy it and getting to read about other bloggers. Blogging is a great community and a fun way to meet people!

Today's prompt is little known facts.

1. Little Sister's Books.  Remember Ann Martin, author of The Babysitter's Club books? She was my favorite author growing up. I read every single one of her book's and read all the ones about Kristy's little sister, Karen, aka The Little Sister's books. I had an idea for a book and wrote to Ann Martin. She ended up making it into a book and made me as a character!

2. Olsen Twins. When I was younger, I looked A LOT like the Olsen Twins. People used to confuse me for them all the time...especially when I was by myself which was strange.

3. Viva Spain! I lived in Spain for four months when I studied abroad. BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! It gave me the travel bug.

4. Languages are my thang. Yes, I just said thang. I know Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. I am trying to teach myself Italian thanks to the DuoLingo app.

5. My belly button is pierced and has been since I was a sophomore in college.

6. I had a 9cm benign tumor removed from my left breast three years ago. I had no idea it was in there until the doctor discovered it. That was the first time I ever had surgery.

7. I donated my hair to Locks of Love the day after my prom.

8. I played the flute from 5th grade to 9th grade. And I also played the violin.

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  1. Where in Spain did you live? My family just visited Barcelona and Malaga a couple summers ago, and my friend was in Madrid for 4 months. Spain is awesome!