Saturday, February 15, 2014

{I Have a Dream}

A big dream. What a loaded prompt in today's blogging challenge. We all have dreams, don't we? Whether they be big or small, they are dreams!

I have a dream one day to expand my family through the beauty of adoption. I have said it for a long time but ideally, I would like to have at least four children of my own (God willing there are no problems). Then, I want to pursue adoption. There are SO many children in foster care here in the United States and orphanages in foreign countries who may never know the true feeling of what it feels like to be loved until someone opens their arms, heart and home to them.

I would love to adopt from China. I find myself fascinated by the culture and always reading adoption blogs of families who are adopting from China. One of my FAVORITE blogs that I discovered way back when I was on bedrest after surgery over 3 years ago was Everything Beautiful. This family has 3 daughters of their own and have since adopted 3 little girls and 2 little boys from China!! They are waiting to bring their 6th child home from China!!! I am simply blown away by them and how big their hearts are. They are an inspiration!

I also love reading about the adoptions from this blog, First a Pearl Then Three Rubies. They have adopted three little girls from China. Some people might wonder how can you love someone who you didn't give birth to and I think it has to do with an indescribable feeling. I hope I can give a child (or two) that I adopt the love, security, and support of a family.

I dream of this. I dream of my dream becoming a reality. I hope I can find a man who supports me in my dreams (whether it be this one, another, or some crazy one I have) and joins in on the dreams. Adoption is close to my heart and I hope to make it part of my life one day.

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  1. you have such a beautiful heart to want to adopt! i really admire the people that have a heart for adoption. one of my neices was in fact adopted from china and she is BEAUTIFUL. my sister in law has had heavy times with her and the transition into the family even though she was adopted as a baby. there will always be trials but nothing beats the blessings and joy of adopting a child into your home. i hope that dream does come true for you!