Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{My Style}

Day 18: Describe your style.

My style? Or maybe the lack of it? Ha! I guess you could describe my style as "casual & comfortable." I am not one to spend $100 on a shirt (now a purse...THAT is a different story) and I absolutely HATE shopping for shoes.

I really like to be comfortable. A good majority of the clothes I wear to school come from NY & CO  (although I need to get my pants all hemmed because the hems keep falling down on me...too long!) or The Loft. I find a lot of my clothes from The Loft at the outlet so I end up getting 3 or 4 pieces for the price of 1 normally.

If I am not in "school clothes" as I call them (we pretty much wear whatever we want where I work), I have to wear jeans and a button down "earth tone" colored dress shirt for my restaurant job. My jeans usually come from Old Navy because they are comfortable, THEY FIT ME IN THE WAIST (my biggest problem) and they're affordable. However, I have gotten a few pairs at The Loft recently (one sale) so it makes me happy!

My go to bag is Vera Bradley tote for school and lately my MK tote. I have this one (with the matching wallet) and love how it goes well with an outfit dressed up or dressed down: 

Where do I usually shop? The Loft, NY & Co, Ann Taylor sometimes, Kohls, Old Navy, J.Crew outlet, sometimes White House Black Market. Now that I am in my late 20's (wait...did I seriously just write that? WAAAAHHHH!!!), I want my style to "evolve" more and be more grown up. 

I don't do anything special with my hair. It is either in a pony tail for when I am serving (or even at school) or down. I can get it pretty straight when I blow it out. I consider myself to be pretty low maintenance. 

But if I could evolve my style into outfits like this, I would be one happy camper!

 Jennifer Aniston is always so casually dressed but pulls it off SO WELL!! I want to do that.

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