Sunday, February 9, 2014

A day in my life

I am kind of late in linking up today but I do want to throw this post up there before I go to bed and miss out on 2 days of the blog challenge in a row. I missed yesterday's prompt because I was working a double but at least I made decent $$! 

Today's prompt is a day in the life. My days can vary whether or not I have work or tutoring. But the general idea of my day (or say how tomorrow will go)

5am: Wake up. I set my alarms this early (yes, multiple! at least 5 or 6 on my phone and an actual alarm clock) because I am afraid of oversleeping. Sometimes I get out of bed this early and actually start getting ready.
5:30am : The latest I can get up without being super late. Because I love my sleep, I take my showers at night. Start getting dressed
5:45am: Put on my makeup and fix my hair.
6:00am: Let Lily out of her crate and take her outside as the coffee is brewing. Come back in and make my lunch. I might have to take Lily outside again before I leave for work.
6:25am-6:30: I usually leave for work around this time. My school is 15-20 minutes away but I HATE getting stuck behind all the buses in the morning. So I try not to leave past 6:30. If I do and I still make it into my parking spot by 7am, that's amazing for me!
7:20am: The start of the school day!! Depending upon if it is an A or a B day, depends on what kind of schedule I have. I am a teaching assistant in the World Languages Department so I joke that the department "owns" me because the teachers are always borrowing me from the teacher I am suppose to be with to help with something. A days are French days (except for 3rd and 7th period Spanish classes that I am in EVERY day) and B days are all Spanish classes.
11:15am: By this point it is 6th period and it's my lunch period! I value all my off periods (2,4,6!)
2:10pm: End of the school day. Unless I have a department meeting (once a month) or a faculty meeting (once a month), I try to get out early to beat the buses. We're set back on a farm so our "driveway" is really long and it SUCKS getting stuck behind buses for 1000+ kids.
2:45pm: Usually when I get home. I take Lily out of her crate into the backyard. Weather depending, I take her for a walk because she needs the exercise after being crated all day and it tires her out.
4:45pm: I have to be at work tomorrow by this time. I work part time in a restaurant as a server. I'll be there until about 9:45pm or whenever I am "cut" aka phased.
9:30-whenever I get home from work: Eat my dinner. Sometimes my mom makes me a plate and leaves it covered in the fridge (the beauty of still living at home!) or I eat whatever I can find/brought home with me. I take Lily outside again and play with her some when we come back inside.
10:30-11pm: Go to bed. Super late considering how early I have to get up. Hopefully I don't have to be doing this FOREVER. I am working two (well really three jobs with tutoring) jobs until I can find a full time teaching job.

Super boring, right?! Haha. I am off to sleep now so I can deal with my students energy tomorrow.

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