Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Happy Wednesday, y'all! Head on over to Jamie's blog at This Kind of Love to share what you're loving today!

I'm loving that next week, Dance Moms Miami premieres on Lifetime. I love the show Dance Moms (the one in Pittsburgh) but this one looks pretty good! I'm just thankful I never went to a dance studio with crazy moms or instructors like that!

I'm loving that there are so many good movies coming out soon! Just two I totally can't wait to see:

I'm loving that March is almost over which means it is April...which means I can FINALLY get my iPhone! YAY!! I may be switching to my own plan from my mom's but need to check because I was grandfathered in under the unlimited texting/data before Verizon changed it last July.

I'm loving  that tonight is one of the most profitable fundraisers ever at my job for the school/district my brother teaches in. So even though it may be crazy/there'll be cranky people, it means more $$!

I'm loving that my boyfriend is taking me to see The Lion King on Broadway after our fun day in the city in two weeks. I am beyond excited because I have been dying to see this forever. Plus, it is one of my FAVORITE Disney movies. :)

I'm loving  that my legs feel like jello today from the workout at the gym. As much as I feel like I don't want to go, I push myself and in the end, it feels good! 

I'm loving this pin I found. Not only does it describe how most mothers must feel at times, it probably is foreshadowing my future haha. 


  1. When did Zach Efron become a hottie?

  2. What?!! Am I the last to know about Titanic coming out in 3-D?! This is the best news ever! And that quote made me lol

  3. the lion king was definitely my favorite disney movie too! did you see it in 3d? i've heard the broadway show is AMAZING...can't wait to see it myself someday!