Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm like the Energizer Bunny..

Hopefully I do not run out of steam soon! For the life of me and reasons I do not know, lately I cannot fall asleep until after 1am. Even if I get it into my head that I will be going to bed at 10:30, something stops me. Sometimes I wonder how I survived four years of college, pulling all nighters, etc, on very little sleep.

Yesterday I worked all day. Saturday can usually be a busier day then a week day shift. Of course after not having worked doubles on Saturdays, I get scheduled for them. Lovely! Not so bad because I still get money. My break was an hour and a half (next Sat when I work a double, they didn't give me a break!) and I told my co-worker Christine who I was hosting with at night, that if it got busy to come get me. Well, I walk back out at 5:30 and the dining room was packed! Ha! From then on the rest of the night, we were on a never-ending wait. At one point, the two of us counted and we had ten parties of five people or more waiting. We had one of 10 and one of 12 and those take up three tables! It got up to a 40/50 minute wait for two-four people. I was so happy when I left, ha! And on top of it, we think we had a "secret shopper" when we were suppose to be done with them. And of COURSE, I am the one that seats them. Oh well. They could have just wanted to take pictures of the food for fun. No big deal. I just hope tonight is not a repeat of yesterday. Because my legs still killing me.

I am actually excited to not be working my normal Monday night shift tomorrow night. I picked up a shift for next Sunday morning so hopefully it'll be approved. Want to know my big plans for my entire day off tomorrow?! I am going to sleep in (as long as I don't have to take my brother to the doctor) and then clean my room. Plus, I want to go to the gym. Exciting, right?! HA! I was going to try to get my hair cut and a massage using the gift certificate from my boyfriend for my birthday but they are closed tomorrow (odd?). I'm going to call on Tuesday morning to see if I can make an appointment for Friday because I dont have to be at work til 530 that day! :)

And I am going to a New York Yankees game with my job. It's a regional thing and its $50 a ticket but it seems fun. And I am bringing my best friend April! Hopefully it will be fun.

I really need to win the lottery big time! HA! My mom wants me to pay rent to help her out and while that is not a big deal, with my car accident last month, I dont have the money to pay her. If I was living on my own, I'd have a better job, I would assume and not worry. But living in New York, it is so freaking expensive! I haven't really been shopping that much but I definitely need more money. This is the one time where I wish money would grow on trees!

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  1. Newest follower. I've always wanted to go to New York! It's my dream! I wish $ grew on trees, life would be much easier!!