Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joyful Day

My post last night was about how much I love babies. Part of me can't wait to have babies and part of me can (the whole screaming factor and lack of sleep and oh yeah, I'm not married yet!). And was asking for wishes/prayers for a safe/healthy delivery of my cousin's twin girls. Well, at 3:48am and 3:50am, Adeline Quinn and Charlotte Baily were born! While they were born at 31 weeks, they are doing well right now and I know they will be fighters. Stephanie will be there until Wednesday so I am going to try and visit them tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be allowed in the NICU but Stephanie told me to come visit so I must be! I am so happy they are okay and I can't wait to watch these two lil ones grow up!

As much as I wanted to pick up the shift to work a double next Sunday (I was originally only scheduled to do the night shift), I am glad Skye took it. Thank goodness because I plan on going out for St.Patty's day! Last night at work was just insanity. I really love when there is a crowd of people that wont move when you're trying to seat people. And today, I think the time change affected me because I was just not happy to be at work. Ha! I hope after this week my schedule goes somewhat back to normal. Even though I requested the night of the 24th off because my brother wants to go out to dinner with his wife & see The Hunger Games, I want my normal 5 shifts a week (mon/wed/fri/sat/sun). This chica needs moola! And let's just say if every Saturday continues to be insane as the past two have, I may need a sedative to go to bed each night. Ha!

I totally need a manicure tomorrow. I am getting a whole new set of nails and just enjoying a day to myself! I live for those days. Plus, I plan on going to the gym at some point. And taking some naps. WAHOO!

And now Lifetime has to put "Coming Home" on the air so I can go cry at all the soldiers reuniting with their families.

I really think I need to go to bed because I feel like at this point, I am not making sense. HA!

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  1. I'm glad to hear the babies are doing well! :)
    and Coming Home always makes me cry!