Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{WILW! - Happy Spring!}

Happy Wednesday! And Happy Spring! I believe we barely had a winter this year because of no snow, which is awesome. It was so warm yesterday I wore FLIP FLOPS! And have my annual blisters from breaking them in. Ha.

Head on over to Jamie's blog to show What You're Loving on this wonderful Wednesday!

I'm loving that I PASSED my Spanish content test for my teaching certification. You have no IDEA how happy I am. It was the third time I took it and I was about to give up but I am so thrilled. Now on to finding a big-girl job in a hard teaching market.

I'm loving that there are like 54 days until I go on a cruise. I am so excited to lay out, relax, tan, drink and hang out with the boyfriend for 8 days.

I'm loving that The Hunger Games comes out Thursday night/Friday midnght! I'm skipping opening weekend because it'll be a madhouse but I can't wait to see it! And yeah, I need to buckle down tonight & tomorrow and finish!

I'm loving that my cousin David's twin daughters Adeline and Charlotte are making progress in the NICU, slowly but surely. We all can't wait til they are home!

I'm loving that I bought myself this Disney movie on DVD yesterday at Best Buy. I have never seen it! Oops!

I'm loving that I will be going back to the gym today. I had a crazy few days with work and other stuff and then needed to catch up on sleep. I'm going to go, and then come home and get another workout cleaning the bathrooms. Such fun!

What are you loving today?!


  1. Congrats on passing your test! I cant wait for the HGs either

  2. I want to go on a cruise so bad. It is totally on my life's to-so list.

  3. Love the hunger games as well! My husband and I are going to wait to see it on Monday! I'm so jealous you are going on a cruise! How exciting! Lady and the Tramp is a cute Disney movie :) And I love that you bought the DVD!

  4. I am getting soo excited about The Hunger Games:) I'm going to see it on Friday! Let the games begin:)

  5. take me with you on your cruise ;) and wasnt the hunger games sooo good??