Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend o fun! of my favorite pictures from the tour of the Guinness Factory when I was in Dublin, Ireland when I studied abroad. It's the truth. I feel like people just pretend to be Irish for St.Patty's day as a day to use it as a legit excuse to drink. However, I am Irish. :) And this weekend, I went out with a bunch of friends to celebrate! Olivia, Olivia's boyfriend Marc, our friend Amanda, my boyfriend John, his friend Larry and some other friends Gerber, Durnin and Dan came out. We went to this bar that has since been converted into a Beer Garden. They had a bunch of picnic tables inside and outside. Overall, it was a great night! I am thankful my boyfriend drove and let me drink as much as I wanted (which I ultimately regretted the next morning!). I did take pictures and will post them soon.

And Friday night, I saw "21 Jump Street" with the boyfriend. We originally tried to go to an 8:10 showing but it was sold out. So we bought tickets to the 9:45 and sat at the theater until then. It was pretty popular! Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were hilarious in the movie. There were so many funny parts that made the majority of the theater crack up. Definitely go see this if you get the chance!

I am so glad that I am not working any doubles this week. I worked one Saturday and one on Sunday and let's just say, I felt so tortured on Sunday. It went by soo slow. It was steady which made it kind of torturing. I like it when its busy because then it makes the time go by faster, usually.

I kind of feel a little anxious today. Today is the day we're suppose to get our scores from any teaching test you took in February. This was when I took my content Spanish test for the third time. I know what you're probably thinking "Why did it take you three times?" It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to pass on the first time, unless you're like Penelope Cruz. There's a listening part, reading section that has culture, grammar questions, a writing part and a speaking part. The second time I took it in November, I got a 216...and you need a 220 (minimum) to pass. Talk about crushing! I am praying I pass this time. I don't care if its a 220 or even a 221...I just want to pass! I am afraid I didn't because I got a little flustered on the speaking since there was TWO people watching me do it and normally there is only one. It costs $79 each time you take it (rip off!) and the next test date for this isn't until June. So not fair. So please hope & pray that I passed. I just want to be DONE so I can apply for jobs!

And seriously, *when* is Jessica Simpson going to have her baby? I think she has been pregnant for like a year, seriously!! She looks huge (as if she could have twins). Just pop already!


  1. I saw 21 jumpstreet this weekend too. I thought it was hilarious! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum made a good pair. lol. I think Jessica Simpson is huge too! I can't believe she hasn't had her baby yet. She said on Ellen last week that she has a "few more weeks left" dear God! lol. Hope your results are good. I will keep my fingers crossed for you :)

  2. Haha jessica Simpson has been pregnant forever!!! Sounds like a great St.Patty's day :) Love an excuse to celebrate being Irish and drink haha