Saturday, March 10, 2012


Anyone who knows me, knows I love babies! I became an aunt in my senior year of high school when my niece/goddaughter Sara Elizabeth was born. She was such a peanut at 5 lbs 3 oz:

(Her and I the day of my senior prom...she was 6 months old here)

My sophomore year in college, my nephew Steven Louis was born! Ever since then, he has been such a feisty character:

And, during my senior year of college, my niece Emma Grace was born! She was a bit of a surprise (for her parents, I think) but she is truly one of the sweetest kids ever:

(The day after she was born!)

And I always joke that I can't wait to have babies! Of course I can wait but I love browsing the baby clothes department, ha ha. What does it bring me to in reference to my post? Well, my cousin David and his wife Stephanie are/were expecting identical twin girls! She was hoping to get one more week (St.Patty's Day) before anything were to happen. However, those babies decided they were "done" cooking and her water broke tonight! (Or rather on Saturday night). With any multiples birth, it can be high risk so I am asking to keep all of them in your thoughts & prayers for a safe & smooth delivery!! I know it will be a bit of a tough road ahead for them but I cannot WAIT to hold those babies, kiss them, play with them! And of course, hear their names! They have been so indecisive.

And to leave you with some cuteness, some of my favorite baby finds from pinterest:


  1. Oh man all those babies are so cute! They are making me want one!

  2. Love all the baby pics, they are all adorable