Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Have Faith. In Yourself.

Faith. Such a powerful word, isn't it? Having faith in others can be easy. But, having faith in yourself can be extremely difficult at times. I often felt like I did not have faith in myself while student teaching last year. Anyone who has been there in student teaching knows what I mean. Sometimes you think "What the heck am I doing?! I have no clue!" I can't tell you the amount of times I wanted to throw in the towel last year and give up because I was frustrated with myself, not being creative enough, etc.

But that little word faith was in the back of my mind. And I knew others had faith in me. Like how my brother Brian wrote in the Valentine's Day card to me this year to continue to have faith in myself because I will reach my dreams soon. Sometimes knowing others have faith in you is ALL you need to get you to smile.

Well, I had asked for a little prayer about passing my last certification test for my teaching license. I got my test results today. I was obsessively checking my email on my cellphone at work tonight (thank goodness it was slow!) and was anxious to get it! My friend Bethany got her's at 5:30ish (they start sending them at 5) and I didn't get mine until 7:15! Talk about being anxious. I looked and almost instantly cried. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And so did my friend Bethany! All I wanted was 4 or 5 more points from what I had last time to at least get the minimum passing score. And I am SO happy I passed!! Now I can look into my TEACH account tomorrow to see how to get proof I passed all my tests so I can start applying for jobs! Most of the substitute jobs won't let you apply without certification and they usually only issue it in February and September. So I need to look into this tomorrow. I'm just so thrilled!

This experience showed me I need to trust myself more and have faith in myself more. So many people were excited when I made it my facebook status that I passed. It showed me so many people believed in me. I wanted nothing more than to pass this test. And I am so happy that chapter is done and over. Time to move on and find a job...so I can start making more $$!! :)

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