Friday, March 16, 2012


This morning I had a massage appointment. I have always been wanting to treat myself to one and the boyfriend, aka John, gave me a day of beauty to Cactus Salon & Day Spa for my birthday. The "day of beauty" entailed an hour facial, hour massage, a blowout, spa pedicure, spa manicure, and makeup application. It was worth more than $200 or my option was to just use it as a $200 gift card. Y'all will probably say I am nuts because I did the 2nd option. I have a place I get my nails done and I dont need a makeup application (is that even worth it)? The massage is $75 but SO WORTH IT! I had a very nice person and told her I really needed my shoulders and lower back worked on. It was an hour and oh my word, it was so RELAXING!! Just what I needed! She said my shoulders had a lot of knots in them and that parts of me may feel sore later (which some are). It was a great experience overall and I will definitely be getting more massages in the future!

After work, I had to make a return to Target for my mom. She bought some type of curtains or something for the living room or dining room but it wasn't what she was hoping for. I should have just walked out after. But no, that store sucked me in! It's easy to spend at least $20-$30 in that store! I was looking for some yoga/workout pants but wasn't liking any of them. I ended up walking out of their with a Herbal Essences Frizz Serum Control (my hair likes to look like I have fuzziness 24/7), a new Essie Nail polish (I am so addicted!), the Self magazine with Carrie Underwood on it, and gummy vitamins for energy (B12). I am hoping if I combine that vitamin with the One-A-Day, it'll give me more energy!

Tomorrow and Sunday should be fun working doubles at work but at least I am going out to celebrate St.Patty's day with some friends. Honestly, I can't remember what I did last year. I think I had student teaching and then stayed home. LAME.

The more I think about summer, the more excited I get! So many things to look forward to: the cruise in May (I convinced John we need to do a couples massage on the ship since I loved it so much!), my cousin Lisa & her fiance Bryce moving back to NY in June from Florida, going to Atlantic City with Shannon, Amanda, and Olivia (plus finding the shore store & shore house from Jersey Shore), Stephanie visiting in August, etc. It's going to be EPIC!

Tonight, I am going to see 21 Jump Street with John. It has gotten somewhat decent reviews so hopefully I like it! I also want to see "Mirror Mirror" with Julia Roberts that comes out at the end of the month, "The Five Year Engagement" (I think I read it was from the producers of Bridesmaids) and a bunch of others I can't remember right now.

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