Thursday, March 15, 2012

Low Key Day/Night

Is it kind of pathetic that it is almost 9pm on a Thursday and I am ready for bed?! I have been yawning since 6:30pm! And I spent the majority of my morning in bed! What is my problem? Either, I overslept or maybe it's something bigger like a thyroid issue or something else. It could be stress related although it is really only the last few days that I have been constantly tired. When I work out, I feel better so maybe I need to be more proactive about going to the gym.

Could also be that I don't take a multi-vitamin. Bad? Yeah, probably. I tried taking Women's One a Day but the one time I did, it made me gag/vomit afterwards. Not a pretty picture. I think I need to go to Target tomorrow after work and buy a multi-vitamin...even if it is a gummy form. I need to stop feeling so exhausted! Anyone else feel like this? What have you done to help remedy it?

I want to go buy the April issue of Self magazine simply because it has Carrie Underwood on the cover. Have I read the one with Jillian Michaels that I bought? I *think* so. I just envy Carrie's legs and would kill for them.

My dog is currently sitting on my bedroom floor staring at me as I type this post. She must miss my mom who is on vacation in Florida! Every morning this little beast opens my bedroom door to come in and sleep in here until I wake up. She can be cute. :)

Every time I see the commercials with Ellen DeGeneres for JcPenney's, I chuckle. I am not sure why. Probably because I find her hysterical.

And some of my favorite Pinterest finds lately:

Let's face it y'all...I'd be dead if I had to compete in The Hunger Games!

I saw this last night and almost peed myself (not really). It was just TOO funny!

That's what friends are for!

All the time!!!

Story of my life!

True story...I am avoiding it at all possible cause until I am *forced* to change to it.


I love the idea of this!!

Crunch time to the cruise!

Lastly, I cannot *wait* to get rid of my Blackberry next month. The fact that it keeps freezing on me when I want to reply to a text and I want to chuck it across the room at a wall, I will gladly welcome the iPhone!

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