Thursday, March 15, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday!}

Time for another one of my favorite link ups! Link up with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup and Amber @ Brunch with Amber to let everyone in the blog world what's okay with you on this Thursday!


...that I went to bed last night thinking I had to get up at 7 to go babysit my niece...and realized it was not until NEXT Thursday. Oops!

...that I did not set my alarm this morning. It was liberating.

...that I am SUPER excited for my massage tomorrow. I am hoping it makes me more relaxed and less snippy. want to scream at some people that come into my job because they are THAT picky and annoying and ruin my mood for the night, causing me to snip at you. Really, just go with the flow people. be emotional and cry at times. I sometimes feel like I cry way too much over stupid stuff. At least I admit it. still be in your pajamas at 11:30am and not plan on getting out of them til later. :) be counting down til my cruise - 59 days people!

...constantly be looking up prices for the trip April and I are taking to Cancun in the fall. We ARE going...and I am so excited! want to run a 5K but know I'd die in 10 minutes from running it. Haha! be excited about the cool free case that came with my Coach sunglasses (I am so glad I went shopping while my mom was away!) already be thinking about how I am not going to know WHAT to pack for my cruise in May! Helpful hints, please!! not understand March Madness AT ALL and not care. want to go back to Europe because I miss it. still have not finished the first book in The Hunger Games series! {I am ashamed!} cry like a BABY at the show "Coming Home" on Lifetime. Makes you thankful for the men & women who chose to fight for our country and in the end, possibly sacrifice their own life.

...that I am buying a Paddy's Pub shirt from Kohl's for the St.Patrick's day attire for bar hopping with friends. know I am going to regret going out after working a double Saturday and working one Sunday. Eww. But I am just thinking $$.

...that I have no idea where the paper went from the other car insurance company from the accident...I need to find it to call my insurance guy. Will do tomorrow. wish I didn't have to pay back my student loans. The amount of $$ I spent to go to school and I don't have a job just sickens me.

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