Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone! It is such a beautiful and sunny day out! Makes me super excited for this weather to continue! :) Head on over to Jamie's blog to link up & share what you are loving.

I'm loving that my cousin's babies were born! They were born early but are in the NICU and are so adorable. They are stable and we're all praying the girls Adeline & Charlotte continue to improve.

I'm loving the new color I did on my nails for my manicure. It's bright and cheery for springtime. Plus, the Spanish nerd in me loves the name Essie gave it: ole caliente.

I'm loving that I am having an hour long massage this Friday! It is totally the highlight of my week and I can't wait! Next thing I need to do, make an appointment for a haircut!

I'm loving that my cruise is in 60 days! AHH!! So excited. My boyfriend joked that I will be coming back a new person because of the amount of color I told him I plan on getting. Time to start looking for Neutrogena Sunblock coupons. (After the fiasco I had with Banana Boat, I'm only using Neutrogena!)

I'm loving that my BFF Stephanie is going to come up and visit me again in August!

I'm loving the deals I got at the Coach outlet. I got this crossbody bag, the wristlet and sunglasses (with the case!) all for $134! The bag originally retails for $148! I say thats a win!

I'm loving this dress I got from the LOFT outlet. I bought some earrings with it (buy one, get one 50% off). It's so light weight! I can't wait to wear it this spring/summer/for the cruise. :) And I have no idea why it is upside down but whatever:

I'm loving that there is now going to be a Dance Moms Miami! I am addicted to the regular Dance Moms and Dance Moms Miami premieres April 3rd (I think!)

I'm loving this pin. It made me chuckle because it TOTALLY describes me:
I'm loving that I will be spending tomorrow with this little munchkin while her parents are at work and her siblings are in school. Her normal babysitter has an important appointment she cant miss so instead of my brother or his wife taking off from work, Aunt Kristin gets to babysit. I'm not sure what I will do with just the 2.5 year old for 6.5 hours but I'll figure something out. :) Maybe take more pictures like this:


  1. Love the cute goodies you scored at the Coach and Loft outlets!

  2. LOL at the ecard! Those are hilarious! :)