Thursday, March 1, 2012

My reading list

I am a big nerd at times. When I was younger, my library used to do a summer reading contest every summer. You'd read books, report to someone in the library who'd write it down in your folder. Whoever had the most at the end of the summer won. You bet your bottom dollar I did win! :)

But once they started requiring us to read a book every summer after 5th grade that we'd get tested on at the beginning of the next school year, my passion for reading dwindled. And it continued through college really. Within the last few years, I have gotten back into reading. Having a Kindle has helped that but there's just one problem...TOO MANY BOOKS I WANT TO READ!

So, here's what is on my "to read" list between actual books and my Kindle:


  1. I love reading too... you have a good list to get working on! ;)

  2. You will love the Hunger Games trilogy! So good!

  3. I loooved the Hunger Games Triology. I also cried reading the Lucky One but I love how Nicholas Sparks writes. I'm a softy for a good romance novel though, ha. :)

  4. I love Bossy Pants and I am reading Ellen's book right now! So hilarious!