Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Today was just a GORGEOUS day out! What happened to the groundhog's prediction or declaration that there were 6 more weeks of winter? Umm, the fact that it was 71 degrees as I drove to the gym was just delightful! I had the windows rolled down, my hair was flying about and I was just singing. It really put me in a great mood. It is suppose to continue like this throughout the rest of the week!

After going to the gym with Amanda and discovering I need to either invest in new socks or get rid of the sneakers(the backs of both heels are blisters now), I went to get a manicure. I love going there on Mondays because it is so quiet and no wait! I had a whole new set of tips put on and used Essie's "Ole Caliente" as the color. It is a coral-y bright color! I hope my pointer finger on my right hand (well the nail) stops hurting. It was all bruised underneath. :( No idea how that happened.

In the afternoon, I went to the hospital to visit my cousin Stephanie who had her twins yesterday! My aunt & uncle went to get my grandma so she could meet her 5th & 6th great-grandchildren! Since the babies are in the NICU, Steph took us in one at a time. I originally wanted to take pictures but decided not to because I was just in love with their little faces. The hospital they were born at is where all my nieces & nephew were born and since my niece Emma was born almost 3 years ago, they changed it around. The NICU is now HUGE and each baby has their OWN room. The twins are in their own rooms but they are right across from each other. I had told Steph and her husband Dave (my actual cousin) that if they need any help at all now with their 4 year old Elliot or babysitting once they are home, I am more then happy to help. Steph said that they'll be in touch because they'll definitely need help so yay! I love babies! And now for their adorable faces: I stole these from my aunt's facebook:

Adeline Quinn

Charlotte Baily

They were born 2 months early to their due date (5/11) so considering they are preemies, I want to make a small donation to the March of Dimes in their honor. I know they will be okay but still, can't help but love those faces. And even honor those babies who cant make it.

I am so glad the Bachelor is OVER after tonight. This has been quite possibly one of the *worst* seasons ever. I truly lost interest about half-way through. I am more excited for Emily Maynard to be on "The Bachelorette." I already saw what some of the men look like thanks to Reality Steve and there is one named Joel who is just a handsome devil!

Time to go catch up on some sleep!


  1. Those babies are beautiful! Congrats :) And what lovely names!!!

  2. The weather has been so nice here as well! (Finally) Your cousin's babies are so cute! So glad they are healthy as well!