Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Umm what happened to the warm weather?

Seriously, I feel like Mother Nature is just having a huge temper tantrum. Last week, it was in the 70's, almost 80's. I broke out the flipflops. You would have thought it was the middle of May to some people. And here we are, back in 40 degree weather. WHAT?!! I couldnt not believe a week after I was wearing flipflops, I was in my Uggs & North Face. Boo. Please come back warm weather! 

I went to the gym again today with Amanda and I cannot tell you how sad I was that my iPod was almost dead when I went on the treadmill! Oh thank god it lasted on my run. I am so determined to lose the fat/weight I have gained recently. I would love to have a 6 pack of abs. That is not feasible to have right before I go away in 2 months ha! Some days I come home from the gym and wonder if my workouts during the week are actually doing anything at all. I feel like I have a semi constant complex with my body. Even though John tells me all the time how beautiful I am and skinny, doesn't help with my issue. I just want to look good in that bikini on the cruise!

John and I were suppose to go to dinner & see "The Hunger Games" tonight when I got done with the tutoring at school. Unfortunately for him, he spent his night last night sick and stayed home from work. I told him to rest and if he still wasn't feeling better, we'd just postpone it. Because there was no way I wanted to get sick with whatever he had.

Since I ended up staying home tonight, I tried to be productive. I did 3 loads of laundry and dusted my room. There's still more I have to do, like totally go through my closet when I switch wardrobes (that won't be for awhile until the weather warms up!), pick up the stuff I just threw on the floor from my bed so I could lay down, etc. Anyone else feel like cleaning can be fun yet such an annoying task to do. Maybe this will be something I tackle on Friday since I have the entire day off from work. Go me. I really need to start these projects at like 9am and not 6:30pm. Maybe that's my problem.

I will soon be living at my job on the weekends, ha! There's only really three hosts and one of them put in his two weeks notice so I am going to get more shifts on the weekend. It's okay, as long as I get scheduled breaks. And it's more $$. Maybe less time to hang out but hey, it's all a part of life.

I think what I am most excited about is getting my hair cut on Monday. I haven't had it cut since June and I am in desperate need of it.

Also, I will leave you with this. I am currently obsessed with this song....I don't know why!  

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